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Welcome to Little Helpers, the new Market Intelligence platform for the hospitality community. Sign up for free and instantly create high-level data reports that you can use to get a better understanding of your market.

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Little Helpers is a free Market Intelligence platform for hospitality professionals to generate little but very helpful data reports for travel destinations worldwide. The idea comes from our own need to frequently produce data tables and graphs. After our breakthrough to make it as effortless as possible, we knew we wanted to share it with the community. So, we created Little Helpers for you. We are HQ revenue, and we develop pricing optimization solutions for revenue managers. You can learn more about us on our website.

Market intelligence describes the gathering, analysis, and processing of market and competitive data. In the hospitality industry, this includes but is not limited to data on room rates, price development, and demand in a destination. These data-driven insights into the market play a central role in strategic decisions such as pricing or yielding.

We source the data ourselves. And we've been doing it since 2012. We collect information from 20+ OTAs, 300+ IBEs, and 60+ integrations daily in our 80+ active markets. That then adds up to over 90 million analyzed rates. Every. Single. Day..

Generating a report for your destination is straightforward. After registering with your email address, you can pick a report for either rates, price development, or demand. The report setup comes with different options like region, target dates, property types, star classification, and more. After setting your requirements, hit Create report, and we will send you an email containing the generated PDF.

Glad you asked. We've developed this tool for you to make market data more accessible. And we anticipate that there's so much more what Little Helpers could do for you. So we'd love to hear some feedback on what you like and what we could do better. Heck, even new ideas we'd love to hear.

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